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Our Most Popular Courses

You can select one or several of our popular specialized training courses – or train holistically, covering wide range of techniques and methods for multiple areas of the craft.

Plot Twists

if you can master just one career-defining literary device – the plot twist should be that device. It will make your writing breathtaking!

We offer the most comprehensive plot twist course available on todays market: over 150 techniques for creating plot twists.

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Story Structure

Whether you struggle with structuring or outlining your stories or simply want to improve your story structure skills – this course is for you!

We do not offer any cookie-cutter approaches to story structure. Instead, you will gain 70+ techniques for designing custom story structures.

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No-Budget Screenwriting

Want to get an agent, a manager, a contract with a Hollywood studio? You’ve gotta “be somebody” to make them come to you. One of the best way to do it is just to produce your own best work – and you’ll be able to produce it if it costs close to nothing. 

This course will teach you how to do just that.

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Writing Coach Training Program

If your goal is to build a successful career of a writing coach, take our comprehensive course that will teach you how to find your unique training methodology, design your curriculum, and promote yourself as an expert in our craft.

We did this, and so can you!

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