Before you decide if our training is right for you, it would make sense to get familiar with some of our free educational resources! 

Story Structure Game (eBook)

Follow these easy and fun steps to outline a feature film screenplay, a stage play or a novel. This popular 110-page guide resulted in several projects that attracted enthusiasm from producers and book publishers. Yours could be next!


Characters' Inner Life

This small document describes just one technique for making a scene feel real and necessary – but it’s the kind of technique that can make your entire story feel much more dramatic and engrossing. I hope you like it!


Writing Sex, Erotica and Romance

It takes special skill and love to our craft to create screenplays scenes that breathe and radiate genuine attraction, chemistry and passion. This concise, comprehensive guide will show you some of the ways to do that. 


Characters Are Not People

Our audience should find our characters lifelike, engaging, and easy to emphasize with. But – between you and me – characters are not people. What are they, you ask? Check out this document: The answer may surprise you!


The Future of Screenwriting

If we want to succeed in screenwriting profession, we must plan our career strategy to aim ahead of the moving target. We need to be able to foresee what the near future may be like. This document is one such attempt.


One Scene Challenge

Suppose we just write one short, simple screenplay scene, but give it our best. What objectives would such scene need to achieve? What requirements should it satisfy? What would it be like? Would you like to write one and share it with us?


Argonauts: Designing a Character Team

The Argonauts were a motley bunch: They had every character imaginable on their ship. This brief guide describes how to use them as prototypes for a team of characters for your movie script, stage play or novel.


Designing Characters for Subtext

This slightly humorous short document will show you how to create multilayered bad guys – as well as good guys – for your story. Avoid the mistake that can make characters plain and dull, and make them exciting to act and watch!


How to Structure a Mystery Story

The ability to structure infinite number of mystery stories is among the most valued skills for a contemporary writer. Mystery stories are structured differently from the regular ones. This document will show you the difference!


Character Psychology for Action and Dialogue

People are infinitely different – but we may discern a few basic personality types at the root of these differences. We can use them to generate amazing story material. Learn how!


Exploratory Writing

In this document you will find a list of ideas for dramatic situations that will allow you to quickly sketch several scenes that will help you get to know your characters. Some of the greatest screenwriters in the world use this method!


Socratic Screenplay Outlining

Socrates claimed that we already know the truth; all we need to do is remember it. If we ask ourselves the right questions about your screenplay, and use imagination to answer them, we should be able to create the complete outline!


Stakes: The Comprehensive Guide

Everything you ever wanted to find out about screenplay stakes – and then some, in this concise but comprehensive excerpt from our Plot Twist course.  We also have a bigger expanded course just on stakes – but this should get you started!


The Pull: Engage Your Audience

Want to keep your audience engaged in the story from the beginning till the end? Learn how to create the magical effect known as The Pull – the magnetism that draws the audience in and keeps them asking what happens next.


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