Would you like to find out how we train our students? Please review our training methodology and curriculum!

How we train:

We teach one-on-one via email. All training is individually tailored to each student. We currently do not offer group training or any automated online self-paced courses.

We do not award any diplomas or certificates because we do not consider such certificates as a true proof of a writer’s merit. Our goal is to give you results.

Our best students get hired to write screenplays for producers – often based on their own stories. 

Your training is comprised of approximately 30% theory and 70% practice, with the goal of applying the practical knowledge toward a creative project (for example, a screenplay) – or several.

The training is modeled on sports training (like a boxing gym or a martial arts studio) or music training (jazz piano, saxophone or singing class), rather than on typical college writing classes. The craft is broken down to the building blocks, and each building block is drilled separately until it becomes a part of the student writer’s toolkit.

The process is as follows:

  • Your instructor will send you a homework assignment with an explanation of what the homework aims to achieve;
  • You complete the assignment and send it to the instructor;
  • The instructor checks your homework and sends you feedback with additional clarifications.

The instructor’s response time is up to 24 hours, but usually within 4 hours.

Every time the instructor’s response falls outside of 24-hour range, you will get one extra day of training, free.

Homework usually requires 15-30 minutes a day, unless you want to challenge yourself and do more than requested, for extra practice.

We train Monday through Friday. The instructors take Saturdays and Sundays off – but you can continue practicing through the weekend, if you’d like. 

Superstar Screenwriters operate within the stylistics and methodology we refer to as “Maximum Impact Storytelling”: the style of storytelling calibrated to elicit maximum emotional response from the reader and the audience.

The purpose of this approach is to give the writer the tools for creating the portfolio of completed projects that instantly impress competition judges, managers, agents, producers, editors and publishers (to say nothing of the readers) – anybody who reads your material. The high emotional impact is designed to motivate these decision makers to take steps that result in advancing the writer’s career.

Writers under our guidance are conditioned to achieve maximum flexibility in applying multiple creative and technical solutions to any of the tasks they encounter, so that they have the choice between techniques and can select the best in each story context.

We offer two options for the duration of training: 10 weeks or 1 year.

In any case, your training will start with one trial week: During this week we’ll get used to each other’s creative vibe and find the best rhythm for your training.

As a result of one year of training, you can expect to have a solid grasp of basic and some advanced writing techniques, a good working knowledge of screenplay structure, and at least one, and in most cases, several completed screenplay projects.

In ten weeks, we aim to significantly advance one creative project OR master a certain significant number of chosen screenwriting techniques

If you take any specialized courses, you should expect to develop a thorough, in-depth mastery of that course’s subject.

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