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We offer several specialized screenwriting courses, each focused on one specific subject – as well as the holistic ongoing training in multiple screenwriting disciplines. All training is individually tailored to each student and done one-on-one, via email.

Plot Twists

if you can master just one career-defining literary device – the plot twist should be that device. It will make your writing breathtaking!

We offer the most comprehensive plot twist course available on todays market: over 150 techniques for creating plot twists.

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Writing Dialogue

If you want great actors to beg to be in a movie you wrote, give them an opportunity to expressing unique, memorable thoughts and powerful emotions through words.

Take our Dialogue course to learn 200+ techniques for writing great dialogue.

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Story Structure

Whether you struggle with structuring or outlining your stories or simply want to improve your story structure skills – this course is for you!

We do not offer any cookie-cutter approaches to story structure. Instead, you will gain 70+ techniques for designing custom story structures.

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Chinese Screenwriting Techniques

Expand your expressive and technical range by acquiring a powerful, effective toolbox used by Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwanese screenwriters.

Based on story techniques known as Guazi Shu, our course will give you hundreds of new ways to write screenplays.

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Writing a TV Series

Design a powerful, engaging concept for a TV drama or sitcom, structure, outline and write a pilot script, prepare a show bible and strategize the promotion.

You will learn how to do this when you take this popular and effective TV writing course.

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No-Budget Screenwriting

Want to get an agent, a manager, a contract with a Hollywood studio? You’ve gotta “be somebody” to make them come to you. One of the best way to do it is just to produce your own best work – and you’ll be able to produce it if it costs close to nothing. 

This course will teach you how to do just that.

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Ultra-Rapid Screenwriting

How fast would you like to be able to write a feature screenplay? Would you like to write it in a month, start to finish? How about in one week? In three days? In a weekend? Maybe in a day?

Take this course! You’ll be pleasantly surprised or maybe even shocked by what you can do.

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Screenwriting Contest Preparation

Would you like to increase your chances to win a screenwriting contest? Let’s work on your script together, make it stronger, more exciting, more dramatic, and more fitting the contest requirements. 

Winning a contest will come as a byproduct of becoming a greater writer!

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Screenplay Scene Structure

How good are you at designing scene structures? Chances are, you’re probably doing it intuitively, even if you have decent skills in designing the large-scale stories. 

Let’s scale back from the bird-view story structure, and practice 100+ techniques for designing a dramatic scene!

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Screenplay Improvisation

Would you like to learn to write high-quality, ultra-dramatic screenplays as fast as you can type? In that case, our Screenplay Improvisation course may be for you! 

Take the course to learn master over a hundred of easy techniques for improvised screenwriting!

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Writing Violence

Want to tell impactful stories? Master the art of writing the extreme physical and psychological crisis situations, erupting in violence. Stories are about bad things happening to people!

This course will give you hundreds of techniques for including violence in your stories.

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Writing Subtext

If you want your scripts to be instantly recognized as professionally written works, you should fill them with subtext.

Taking our Subtext course will arm you with 50+ techniques for creating subtext in screenplays and other stories in any genre and medium.

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High-Concept Story Ideas

Want to avoid the biggest mistake a screenwriter can ever make, leading to months and years wasted in vain? Do NOT start writing based on the very first idea that pops in your mind!

Take this course and gain hundreds of ways to create high-concept ideas for your stories.

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100 Story Structures

This is a follow-up course to our Story Structure course. It will show you the many ways the techniques learned from that course can be used for designing wide variety of story structures!

If you’re intrigued by story structure, this course will thrill you!

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High-Stakes Screenwriting

Would you like to be able to tell stories that grasp your audience and keep them in the state of constantly rising tension? Learn to design your stories and characters for high stakes!

This course will teach you how to maximize the stakes in every story you write.

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Arthouse Screenwriting

Aspiring writers often get it wrong! They try to be “just like a famous screenwriter” whereas their really should strive to be unlike any screenwriter ever seen! 

Enriching your screenwriting toolbox with arthouse techniques will help you stand out!

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No-Outline Screenwriting

If you like outlining all your projects, you will probably enjoy our method for writing equally robust and more spontaneous screenplays fast without an outline.

If you never outline – you’ll gain new skills that will make you more effective. 

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Theme and Idea

If there’s one course in our curriculum that offers maximum long-term value for a professional screenwriter – it’s this one.

Every element of a well-written screenplay is hinged on its Theme and Idea. There’s no other course in the world today that covers this subject so deeply as this course.

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Genre Screenwriting

Ever wondered what’s the difference between a movie that somehow feels “slightly off” – and the one that’s “just right”?  Chances are, the movie that’s just right fits its genre conventions like a glove – while remaining original in its material. 

We can teach you meet any genre you’d like to work in!

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Writing Comedy

If you want to master one of the greatest and most profitable forms of storytelling – and have a ton of fun doing it – we recommend our comedy course. 

Whether you want to write a feature film comedy or a sitcom – or just want to add humor to a serious script – we got you covered!

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Avant-Garde Screenwriting

If you want to break into mainstream screenwriting, and be instantly recognized as a powerful and unique fresh voice, you may want to start by being different!

Our course will arm you with hundreds of cutting-edge avant-garde literary techniques.

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Writing Coach Training Program

If your goal is to build a successful career of a writing coach, take our comprehensive course that will teach you how to find your unique training methodology, design your curriculum, and promote yourself as an expert in our craft.

We did this, and so can you!

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