Learn how to brainstorm character’s actions and dialogue based on their psychological personality type.

What’s Inside:

In this brief guide to using character personalities for dramatic storytelling, we review just one personality type: a fun, upbeat, adventurous, hardworking, risk-taking extrovert.

We review what impression that type of character makes on two different observers, and create a list of 70+ building blocks that form this type of personality.

We then take just one such building block and use it to find a unique ways for this character to express that personality in the dialogue, and unique actions such character may take in various dramatic situations, based on just that one chosen building block of their personality.

This document illustrates one of the most fun and effective ways to brainstorm virtually unlimited amount of great story material for your film or TV screenplays, as well as stage plays, novels, graphic novels, and so on.

I hope you enjoy this document and find it useful!

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