Deepen your screenplay scenes and make them necessary, by revealing the inner life of your characters.

What’s Inside:

Did it ever happen to you: A scene you wrote is necessary for the story, because it delivers a crucial piece of information or even a turning point – but somehow it just feels flat, unimaginative and undramatic?

I’ve seen this happen to writers many times, and one of the reasons for such issue is the absence in the scene of any indication of the inner life of its central character.

If the scene is written simply to advance the plot, if it doesn’t come from the inside of the character, you risk reducing your character to the state of a dull puppet, a slave to the needs of the plot. But the problem is that even a plot in that case becomes irrelevant and implausible.

The brief document you’re about to download will show you how you can easily solve all these problems.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful!

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