Discover characters you’re fascinated with, and explore their behavior in various dramatic situations.

What’s Inside:

One of the most effective ways to immerse yourself in the world of your story is to explore this world, and the characters who live in it, writing out a few dramatic sketches that allow you to see these character taking action in the world you envision.

You may find yourself using some of these scenes in your story – or you may ultimately decide to discard these scenes because they don’t quite fit the plot.

But after getting to know your characters through choices and actions they make under different dramatic scenarios, you will become so deeply familiar with them, that writing any other scenes in which they make choices and take actions will become a lot easier.

You may think of this as similar to being an actor and embodying the character you want to create on a page. You visualize and act out a few scenes in your mind, or even improvise them out loud, in the privacy of your writing environment or, for example, while engaged in a peaceful routine activity, such as enjoying a walk, jogging, biking or even taking a shower.

This method can deepen your emotional connection with your characters and your story – and may greatly improve your writing! 

I hope you enjoy this brief document and find it useful!

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