Want your audience to be mesmerized, remain breathless and on the edge of their seats all the way till the end? Raise the stakes! This document will show you how. 

What’s Inside:

As a writer, I’ve been always impressed by those of my colleagues whose creativity was fueled by powerful sense of moral urgency behind their stories. I always wanted to tell the tales that were necessary , truthful, timely and impactful, and I feel great respect to masters who changed people’s lives through exploration of unique, powerful themes.

But I also love exciting, captivating, entertaining stories.

Somehow I always felt that these two categories of storytelling, while being very much unlike each other, have something in common deep underneath. There was something comparable about my experience of them.

It took me a while before I realized that what unites these two types of stories is their high-stakes nature.

Designing stories for maximum stakes makes them both entertaining and topical! Once I learned that truth, wider horizons opened for me as a storyteller – and I cherish this opportunity to share my discoveries with you.

The document you’re about to download is probably the most concise yet comprehensive study of stakes you may ever find. I put a lot of effort into making it that way, and I hope you find it useful!

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