Outline a screenplay for a feature film by following these easy and fun steps!

What’s Inside:

The idea behind this game is simple: To give the players very precise step-by-step instructions and examples of how to follow these instructions, so that anybody can follow a few dozen easy steps and complete an outline for a feature screenplay within days, or possibly even hours.

I tested the steps of the game in my own writing, before offering it to our community via social media – and I can confirm that it certainly works very well. 

Hundreds of story outlines had been completed based on these simple steps, and several of these projects attracted attention from producers – most notably a historical fantasy animated feature film project that generated major international buzz. 

The game is not the only way to structure a story – just one of the easiest ways. It’s built around “single protagonist, single goal” core structure. But even from this simple story seed, it will allow you to grow a story that can form the foundation for a solid feature screenplay, a stage play or a novel. 

I hope you find it useful! 

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