To succeed in the screenwriting profession, we must think ahead, and plan for the future!

What’s Inside:

I may be stating the obvious, but – do you realize that we live during a major tectonic shift in screenwriting profession? 

The format of the feature film had been gradually changing – expanding – to adjust to the increasingly prominent reality of streaming video platforms. Serial storytelling – TV and web series – experience a major surge in the number of projects, and the production values of the longer-format stories equal or exceed those of the most expensive feature films.

2019 was the first year when the profit Hollywood studios received from streaming platforms exceeded those from theatrical distribution. 2020 is looking to be the year of streaming!

If we want to succeed in screenwriting profession, we must plan our career strategy to aim ahead of the moving target. We need to be able to foresee what the near future may be like. 

This document offers one possible insight into what the future may bring. I hope you find it useful!

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