Would you like your stories to instantly draw people in, keep them breathless and on the edge of their seats, wondering what’s going to happen next?

What’s Inside:

If you ask me, what’s the most important quality in a screenplay, or in any other kind of story – I’ll probably tell you that a story must contain a moral lesson that will empower people to live better lives.

But the next most important characteristic I value in well-told stories is that from the very first opening word or image a story is designed in such a way that anyone who comes in contact with that story wants to find out what happens next.

You must not force your story upon the audience; instead, you should organize the story in such a way that your audience passionately wants to read the next page, see the next scene – and that dynamic should continue and build up all the way to the very end of your story, and even past the ending!

Introducing The Pull: The magical magnetic phenomenon that draws your audience into the story – stronger and stronger with every moment.

The document that you’re about to download describes every factor that can create The Pull in a story. Use this document to brainstorm ways to increase The Pull in your current work in project – and apply what you learn from it to all your future screenplays!

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