A concise, comprehensive guide to writing sensuous screenplay scenes.

What’s Inside:

It takes special skill and love to our craft to create screenplays scenes that breathe and radiate genuine attraction, chemistry and passion. 

The presence of such emotions in a scene is unmistakable and tangible. But if the scene is supposed to fill the audience with “dramatic arousal” but fails to do so, because it’s badly written or paced – the entire movie may fall flat. 

This 22-page guide will show you several paths for creating impactful scenes, palpitating with sensual energy. 

In the document, you will discover the review of the four aspects of writing sex, erotic and romantic scenes: practical, interactive, creative and topical. 

You will also find the description of the professional process of producing and filming such scenes in Hollywood. 

The largest, technical section of the document, describes several effective screenwriting techniques for writing sex, erotica and romance: Treating sex as a backdrop for the main dramatic conflict; as a center of the conflict in the scene; transitioning from non-sexual to sexual conflict; sex and eroticism as a way to reveal the inner life of characters; sex as spectacle – as well as the “sex montage” technique. 

You will also find here a few different ways to format a sex scene in a screenplay. 

The document outlines approximate and somewhat blurred distinction between sex, erotica and romance – and shows by example how to write all three.

The ending section of the document outlines possible ways to find inspiration for writing original and memorable sex, erotic and romantic scenes for your screenplay. 

I hope you find this guide useful!

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